About 3,000 runners are expected in the race’s first edition.

The city of Pittsburgh continues to live up to its reputation as a running city. After all, it hosts big-name races like the Pittsburgh Marathon as well as the Great Race 10K.

CBS Pittsburgh reports that Pittsburgh Marathon Executive Director Patrice Matamoros announced on Wednesday that the city will now lay claim to a new distance: 10 miles.

“We’re going to announce and launch the EQT Pittsburgh Ten Miler,” she said. “Everybody’s bringing the race back now in the U.S. and major cities. And we just thought it was a great opportunity to being back a great race, a great distance. And I think it’s a really achievable distance, and a respectable distance.”

The race will start in the city’s Station Square on Nov. 3. The runners will then cross over the West End Bridge and will eventually finish at the EQT Plaza.

Matamoros expects 3,000 runners in the race’s first edition.

“You’ve seen the large number of runners that we’ve brought in the last five years,” she said. “And we believe this is the next big thing in Pittsburgh.”

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