The answer isn’t complicated.

Masters champion Tracy Lokken has the secret to running a 2:24 marathon at the age of 46. Photo: Mining

For many, the thought of running a 2:24 marathon is a fantasy. But for Michigan’s Tracy Lokken this is a reality.

And even more impressive than running 5:31 pace for 26.2 miles is the fact that he did it at the age of 46. Lokken clocked this time at the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon earlier this month and won the U.S. Masters Championships.

So how does Lokken, who was once a roofer, run so fast at this age?

The answer isn’t complicated: put in your miles. Referring to the times spent as a roofer when he would be working all day, Lokken had this to say: “If I had to show up to work at 6 in the morning, I would get up at 4 to get my running in,” he says. “There’s no excuse if you aren’t putting in the time and effort.”

Lokken now works as a wellness center facilitator at a YMCA. He’s setting his sights at defending his masters title at the U.S. Club Cross Country Championships on December 10 in Seattle.

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