Will Haile's knee hold up for Sunday's race? Photo: PhotoRun.net
Haile Gebrselassie dropped out of the 2010 ING New York City Marathon just before the 16-mile mark. Photo: PhotoRun.net

Marathon world-record holder had pre-race concerns about finishing today’s race.

Written by: Mario Fraioli

Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia dropped out of the 2010 ING New York City Marathon on Sunday, pulling to the side of the road on the Queensboro Bridge ┬ájust before the race’s 16-mile mark.

The marathon world-record holder let it be known through his Twitter account just hours before the race that he had concerns about finishing.

“Starting and finishing NY marathon today will be tough,” Gebrselassie wrote. “I trained well, and I am ready and eager to run. However..I have some inflamation in my right knee, because of the long travel to NY city. No big problem, just some fluids. Hopefully the knee holds!”

Gebrselassie confirmed his knee issue with NBC analyst Deena Kastor just moments before the race, saying that he would be cautious because of a “small problem”.

Just after Gebrselassie called it a day 1 hour, 19 minutes and 40 seconds into the race, Morocco’s Abderrahim Goumri, and Kenyans James Kwambai and Emmanuel Mutai broke up the tight men’s pack in a hurry, covering the 17th mile in a fast 4:26.

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