What Shalane Flanagan Can’t Run Without

Olympian and Nike Bowerman Track Club athlete Shalane Flanagan shares physical and mental must-haves for success on every run.


Continuing with our weekly “Can’t Run Without” series, four-time Olympian Shalane Flanagan weighs in on her must-have items (the physical and the mental) before she hits the road.

HOTSHOT: I take an hour before I compete. It’s my insurance that I won’t have any issues cramping while out on the marathon course. It also wakes me up with its sassy spice and ginger kick.

Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%: These bad boys were built for speed and the roads. It’s a marathoners dream flat. It’s great cushion and responsiveness make them super fun to race in!

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Good advice: My coaches, Jerry and Pascal are with me almost every day in training so when I go to race I love getting a pep talk from them to give me an extra boost of confidence before I race. They lay out a plan and specifics for me so that I feel prepared and less nervous.

Run Fast. Eat Slow. cookbook: I cook and eat from my own cookbook daily. I love indulging in nourishing food that I know will give me great energy and help me recover for all my hard training and racing.

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Nike Women’s Pro Indy Strappy Sports Bra: I love the feminine design and fun straps that adjust.

The right motivation: My Bowerman Track Club race kit. I believe that you get more out of your performance when you run for something bigger that yourself. I dig a little deeper when it starts to hurt when I think of all the people who helped me to get there! Slipping on my BTC kit I get extra energy knowing that I’m not just representing myself.

Nike Fleet sunglasses: Great for hanging out, training and racing. Protects my eyes so I don’t squint. It’s been proven that if you squint you tense you shoulders which in turn causes you to run less relaxed which wastes more energy.

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