What Mirinda Carfrae Can’t Run Without

Though she makes her bones as a triathlete, Mirinda Carfrae—or Rinny—is known as one of the best runners in the sport.

Though she makes her bones as a triathlete, Mirinda Carfrae is known as one of the best runners in the sport. She gives us a peek inside her closet and mind for the things she can’t run without.

  • A great pair of shoes. My go-to favorites are the New Balance Vazee Pace and the Hanzo. Great fit, awesome colors.
  • A plan. Unless I’m running for the pure joy of it, which I also do sometimes. I set goals early and everything I do is centered around these goals for the middle of the season leading into IRONMAN World Championships in Kona. Regardless of your goals, I urge you to have them and use them to  help guide you for your racing or fitness goals. Training is the journey and racing is the gauge. Give yourself milestones and fun rewards!
  • Focus and intention. I pride myself with always having focus and a set intention for every day I run out the door. This could mean working on cadence or rhythm with some efforts or focusing on the little details. Imagining that my competition is also doing the extra work always inspires.
  • My Polar watchThe Polar M430 keeps me honest at all times. Very easy to read and fully customizable. I personally love how it sits on my wrist.
  • A good recovery snack. I love knowing there is chocolate milk when I finish, especially after my the longer runs. Recovery is my secret weapon and I always can count on a tasty and cold chocolate milk to get the right mix of protein and carbs for recovery.
  • Sun protection is vital. My Oakley Radar Prizm sunnies or my TYR visor are absolute must-haves for when I’m going out on longer runs. They sit ready at the front door ready at all times.
  • Fuel (for the body and brain). I don’t head out with my chocolate peanut butter GU and of course my favorite playlist. My favorite playlist including the Foo Fighters, Selena Gomez, Adele and Rihanna.