What Clare Gallagher Can’t Run Without

Fresh off her victory at the CCC Ultra 100 (Courmayeur – Champex – Chamonix) Clare Gallagher shares her go-to fuel and gear.

Clare Gallagher is fresh off her victory at the CCC Ultra 100 (Courmayeur – Champex – Chamonix). It was a 13-minute win (12:13:57) that many considered an upset over Maite Maiora of Spain. Now she shares with us the things she definitely won’t hit the trail without!

Trail Shoes:

This may be obvious, but if this list had to be one item, it’d be a pair of North Face Litewaves. I could run without clothes, food or water, but I can’t run trails without good shoes. My feet would be very sad.

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I don’t drink any electrolyte mix because I prefer salt pills and Coca Cola while racing. Water is the foundation. I’ll drink potable or non-potable water depending on the severity of my thirst.


Practically more important than my pre-race coffee or even pre-race meal is HOTSHOT. I take it roughly 20 minutes before every race (including skimo races!) and big workouts and I never cramp. In long ultras, I’ll preventatively take HOTSHOT starting four or five hours into the race and continue to take it every few hours until the end.


Whether in the form of Frost’d frosting, Honey Stinger gels and/or Sour Patch Kids. Glucose is life.

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My Ultimate Direction Pack:

Can’t bring your HOTSHOT, water and frosting without a place to put it!

A Hair Tie:

I’m not the “run free with your hair down” type of runner.