Welcome to the PodiumRunner Kicksology Podcast

In the first episode, host Brian Metzler engages two running shoe entrepreneurs who talk about passion, creativity and thinking outside the box when starting a new running brand.

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Welcome to the Kicksology podcast, a new online discussion all about running shoes, hosted by journalist and running shoe expert Brian Metzler. In each episode, Metzler engages shoe designers, entrepreneurs, shoe company executives, retailers, athletes and physical therapists to talk about the evolution of running shoes, new shoe launches, breakthrough technologies, the biomechanics of running and everything running-shoe related.


Brian Metzler

Photo: Brad Kaminski

Metzler is the author of the book, Kicksology: The Hype, Science, Culture and Cool of Running Shoes and a long-time runner who has competed in races on the track, roads and trails from 50 meters to 100 miles.

New episodes will drop every other Wednesday.

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Here’s the first episode:

Episode 1: Startup Running Shoe Companies.

In this first episode, Metzler is joined by two shoe entrepreneurs:

• David Raysse, the founder and CEO of Brand Black, an upstart footwear brand he started in Los Angeles in 2014 and is about to release it’s first performance-oriented running shoes.

BrandBlack Tarantula

• Michael Krajicek, an endurance artist and founder of a soon-to-launch running shoe brand called Atreyu in Austin, Texas.

Atreyu Running Shoe

We talk about the impetus behind starting new running shoe companies, how creativity and cool are important to their brands, how passion and thinking outside the box have inspired them to approach the running shoe business from new ways, and where running shoe design is heading.