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Listen: Speedland — An Innovative, Premium Trail Running Startup Brand You Need to Know About

On Episode 15 of the Kicksology podcast, host Brian Metzler talks with the two professional running shoe geeks behind the audacious new trail running brand, Speedland.

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In episode 15 of Kicksology, host Brian Metzler welcomes professional running shoe geeks Dave Dombrow and Kevin Fallon. They’re known for their experience in the running shoe industry and for the running shoe mashup show “SpeedHack” on YouTube. But now the curtain gets pulled back on their innovative new trail running brand called SpeedLand. You’ll definitely be fascinated with their $375 shoes!

Photo: Speedland

In each episode of Kicksology, host Brian Metzler engages shoe designers, entrepreneurs, shoe company executives, retailers, athletes and physical therapists to talk about the evolution of running shoes, new shoe launches, breakthrough technologies, the biomechanics of running and everything else running-shoe related.

Listen to the 15th episode here:

Metzler is the author of the book, Kicksology: The Hype, Science, Culture and Cool of Running Shoes, a frequent contributor to PodiumRunner, and a long-time runner who has competed in races on the track, roads and trails from 50 meters to 100 miles.