The iRun: An Unorthodox Approach To Marathoning

Joseph Tame takes information overload to the max.

Joseph Tame takes information overload to the max.

Written by: Mario Fraioli

Joseph Tame‘s approach to running the marathon does anything but live up to his last name. On February 27 the “Marathon Man” will run the Tokyo Marathon with a contraption he calls the iRun, a 360-degree unit he self-constructed that uses four iPhones, an iPad and various other technological devices to record in real-time every aspect of his marathon experience, including pace, distance, heartrate, weather and more. According to Tame’s website, it’s “the world’s most advanced mobile social media machine.”

“I’m quite pleased,” Tame said in an interview, embedded below. “I think this will catch on and within six months I think we’ll see the Apple stores retailing this kit.”

To see the iRun in action, check out the video below!

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