The purists will always vouch for an electronics-free run, but let’s face it: There are many legitimate reasons to take your smartphone out with you:

  •  Safety. It’s never a bad idea to have a phone at your hands in case something goes wrong.
  •  Information. Apps like Strava, MapMyRun and Nike+ can keep that data you desire from your workouts—and perhaps even help you find your way should you get lost.
  •  Music. For those who like music on the roads or trails, your smartphone really comes in handy.
  •  Camera. For when you come across scenery you want a snapshot of, because who doesn’t like to preserve a memory?

But as smartphones themselves are starting to get larger, it’s becoming harder for runners to carry them during a workout. Fortunately, there is plenty of gear and apparel available that address the athlete’s need to bring their phone along on the run.

Here’s a look at some running gear designed for smartphone storage, as well as some smartphone-friendly running apparel.

Nathan Quickview
The North Face Women's Stow-n-Go II Bra
Falco Kaizen 1.0
Amphipod SmartView Sumo
The Original SpiBelt
Underfuse Iron-on Pocket