Shoe of the Week: Newton Fate II

An energetic everyday high-mileage trainer that's accommodating to wider feet.

Light and responsive, yet well-cushioned, the newest version of Newton’s Fate is a nice update to last year’s well-received original model. The Fate II provides a balanced fit from back to front with a snug heel cinch and secure wrap around the midfoot. It has a generous but not overly wide toe box, and soft overlays around the forefoot allow your foot to move without restriction and help accommodate a number of different foot types. Newton’s characteristic forefoot propulsion lugs, while visually prominent, maintain a subtle profile when they spring into action, encouraging forward energy without feeling particularly invasive or awkward. (The five-lug “P.O.P. 2” array is beveled at the front, allowing smoother transitions as the foot leaves the ground to start a new stride.) The latest edition of the Fate provides more underfoot pop, which makes it ideal for faster tempo runs and longer races without sacrificing cushioning and protection. It also has a new breathable upper with stretchy panels to accommodate toe splay and give the first and five metatarsals more wiggle room. Neutral, more efficient runners will enjoy it as an everyday trainer best suited for running on the roads.

This is the shoe for you if … you’re looking for an energetic everyday high-mileage trainer that’s accommodating to wider feet.

Price: $135
9.4 oz. (men’s size 9); 7.9 oz. (women’s size 7)
Heel-Toe Offsets: 4.5mm

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