An Inside Look At How Salomon’s Customizable S/Lab ME:sh Shoes Are Built

We take you through the entire shoe building process, where runners can pick every aspect of Salomon's S/Lab ME:sh.

If you could incorporate the colors, cushioning and support you wanted in a running shoe, down to the heel drop and color of the eyelets for the laces, what would you do? You better decide! With the new Salomon S/Lab ME:sh shoes, you’ll have your chance to build a shoe from the bottom up, with options ranging from semi-custom to completely individualized fit.

Not only will customers get exactly what they want, the streamlined process is more socially responsible, with less waste and reduced shipping costs. It’s also fast. A pair of shoes can be made from beginning to end in just under 2 hours. S/Lab ME:sh shoes are currently available in France, but will go global soon, with production in local markets in the near future.

Click through to get a sneak peek at the process, and start planning your individualized design!

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