Running Trends

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Fleet Feet Sports offers this look ahead to what runners can expect in 2009.

Apparel Trends
• Running Vests: The running vest has been reinvented as the new look in summer jackets. Vests are a perfect layering piece to keep a runner warm while the temperatures fluctuate.  
• Shorty Shorts: For a while, men’s and women’s shorts were getting longer, but the word from our vendors is that spring 2009 will be all about shorter-inseam shorts.

Compression Apparel: Zoot Sports and 2XU have created products from socks to tights and tops that speed up your body’s natural recovery process so that you can work out more efficiently and more often than usual.
• Recovery Nutrition: You may have finished your workout, but you are not done training. Recovery is crucial to maximize the benefits of an intense workout. Introducing recovery nutrition from Hammer Nutrition (Recoverite) and/or Clif Bar (Clif Roks) will have you performing well tomorrow given how you recovered today.

New Fabrics
• Merino Wool in Spring: Merino wool forms a buffer zone around your body, keeping you at an ideal temperature in all climates and conditions. It is also lightweight, odor-resistant and soft against the skin—all qualities that will help you perform at your peak. Icebreaker and Smartwool are two brands worth checking out.
• Craft proCool: Craft proCOOL clothing provides a superior cooling effect while exercising indoors and outside in warm weather. The uniquely patterned construction with six channels pulls the perspiration vapors off the body to keep it cool.

Shoes Focused on Fit
• As we move into 2009, most of the running shoe companies are focused more than ever on fit. The new shoes we see coming out have more gender-specific features and better overall fit and performance.

Sneak Peak of Fall 2009
•Reflective/visible apparel and accessories were big sellers this year. We are seeing the same focus as we move into buying fall 2009. With that said, we are most excited about the Vizi-Pro Collection from Saucony. The collection includes men’s and women’s jacket, vest, half zip, hat and gloves in a neon orange color that is visible to those that head outside before sunrise and after sunset. This is a great update to those wearing the Nightlife collection from Brooks or is interested in purchasing a reflective apparel and/or accessory piece to add to their winter running wardrobe.