Running Tech Buzz: Wahoo TICKR X Workout Tracker

The heart rate strap for techie runners.

For dedicated phone app or GPS watch users, TICKR X ($100, provides a great way to add training zones into workouts. Wahoo’s Bluetooth-enabled heart rate strap looks and feels like traditional versions, and adds a few features to cooperate with popular training tools.

TICKR X stands out for two reasons: First, the chest strap has memory. You can wear it during a workout and record data without having to lug a phone or look at a watch. Secondly, when used with the Wahoo Fitness app, accelerometers in the strap monitor cadence, ground contact time and Wahoo’s own “smoothness” metric.

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Usefully applying these data is another challenge.

What it Does

Measures heart rate and seamlessly links to many popular training apps

How It’s Better

Can be used without a device to collect data without mid-run distractions; provides interesting stride info

Why You Need It

Adds more info about your effort level and stride for those who train with an app or watch.

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