Running Tech Buzz: Garmin fēnix 3

Cheaper options are out there, so why is the Garmin fēnix 3 so appealing?

As a run training tool for dedicated racers or aspiring first-time finishers, Garmin’s fēnix 3 provides all the info in a simple-to-read, easy-to-use package. It’s a phenomenal training device. But so is Garmin’s much cheaper Forerunner 220, so why would a runner want to spend twice as much for the fēnix 3?

First, its stylish body makes it wearable on non-running days, unlike most other legitimate training watches. Second, its robust navigation and mapping features can handle long runs in the wilderness. Third, the Garmin Connect IQ app platform allows the fēnix 3 to adapt to its owner’s preferences and future upgrades. ($500,


What it does

Serves as an all-purpose training tool with features to track any long off-piste adventure.

How it’s better

Incredible GPS performance and outstanding battery life in a sleek package that can be worn with split shorts or a tie.

Why you need it

Garmin’s Connect IQ app platform future-proofs the fēnix 3, allowing it to evolve as new features become available.

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