Source:  7th Space Interactive

OnYerLeft! is a socially conscious, web based company that is literally trying to build a community of nice people. “There are so many opportunities to give people a warning on the path,” said Kuhlman, Founder and CEO. “All it takes is a little awareness of what is going on around you and the feeling of wanting to get along. We are hoping to promote our motto of ECO along the Lake Front– “Everyone Call Out,” and hope to make the pathways and trails safer with people being socially aware of their surroundings and not just in their own little world.”

On Yer Left! launched their new website: in early May with the help of Dan Swartz and his company The Carrotseed Group. OYL! is selling both men’s and women’s technical apparel, which includes shirts, hats and accessories. They plan to launch an even more technical line in the Fall with proprietary technology to help runners and cyclers perform better. “It just makes sense,” says Lutz, Founder and Chief Sales Officer. “When we tell people about On Yer Left!, they just get it. It is repeatable and something that we hope builds momentum from the grassroots level. Soon, we hope you will be seeing OYL! apparel on marathoners, and road racers. Maybe even at the Tour de France? Who knows? Hey Lance, On Yer Left!”

Where will you be able to touch and feel the OYL! product? Larry Cohn, Future Builder, and the The On Yer Left! team will be exhibiting at the Bike to Drive event in Chicago as well as during the EXPO at the Chicago Marathon this Fall. In addition, when you register to become a member of the OYL! community, you will be asked to record the number of times you call out On Yer Left! while riding or running. The OYL! team is hoping to record one million “call outs” of On Yer Left! by the end of the year. “We are hoping it will reduce the number of accidents or injuries on the pathways and maybe put some smiles on peoples faces at the same time”, commented Kuhlman.

All are welcome to join the community of nice people at Eventually, the OYL team will have running and cycling clubs in addition to tips and training for kids and families available on the website. Consumers are also welcome to read the blogs by Kuhlman and Lutz. “Runners and riders are passionate people and we felt like On Yer Left! would appeal to their passion of achieving their goals and being nice at the same time,” finished Lutz as he was tightening up his shoes.

OnYerLeft! is a Lombard, IL based business in the business of selling technical running and cycling apparel. Dave Kuhlman and Steve Lutz are the founders and passionate runners. Together they have completed over 25 marathons and countless more 10k’s and ½ marathons. The On Yer Left! apparel is only available on-line at or at running and cycling events this summer and Fall in the Chicagoland area.