This story is part of an ongoing series aimed at new runners.

Running is a simple sport—all you need is a pair of shoes, some shorts and a T-shirt (and a sports bra for the ladies). That’s how the saying goes anyway. Running can be a simple sport, but it can also have many challenging hurdles to conquer before you can get started. The first of those challenges is buying a pair of running shoes.

With so much technospeak and marketing jargon bantered about in running shoe ads, reviews and online discussion, it’s hard to know which pair of shoes a newbie should buy. (What the heck is a “heel-toe drop” anyway?) By following these guidelines and considering a number of variables with appropriate importance, you can arm yourself with enough information for the most important starting point of buying shoes: the decision process. Click through the photos below to learn some insights about buying new shoes.

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1. Visit a speciality running store
2. Understand the types of shoes
A specialty running shop is a good place to try on different pairs of shoes before making your purchase.
3. Test them out.
4. Understand pricing.
5. Go for functionality, not appearance.
6. Replace old shoes.
7. Become your own expert.