Last week, Lululemon filed a lawsuit against Under Armour in Delaware federal court with a claim that Under Armour is infringing on patents and trade dress rights for three sports bras that Lululemon has held since 2014.

According to Fashion Network, the bras in question include Under Armour’s Eclipse/Shape Low Impact, On the Move and Printed Strappy sports bras. Of the Eclipse/Shape Low Impact sports bras specifically, Lululemon notes the interweaving straps are a copy of its Energy bra (shown in the photo above).

“While Lululemon has made seasonal updates to its Energy bra, the crisscrossed straps for the light support bra are supposedly recognizable as a Lululemon bra to frequently purchasing consumers in the sports bra market,” writes Fashion Network. “Lululemon sells its model for $52. Under Armour’s Eclipse sells for $40.”

Under Armour has not yet responded to the lawsuit from Lululemon.