Hats Off To Fall Running Caps

Find the hat that best fits your head.

Find the hat that best fits your head.

Written by: Cielestia Calbay

As you expand your fall activewear wardrobe, a good running cap may be worth the investment. Whether it’s blazing hot or briskly cool, running caps can protect your noggin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, provide warmth during the colder months or add a reflective safety element when you’re running in the evening. We caught up with Mike McQueeney, president of Headsweats, for tips on finding the best running cap, and rounded up some of our favorites as well.

Fabric and Construction

1. Look for technical fabrics that specialize in wicking moisture away from the head and drying quickly.

2. A knit hat has a more porous nature that allows for better wicking and breathability.

3. A woven can still wick and breathe, but it provides better sun protection than others.

4. Generally if a fabric has a rough or crinkly feel, it’s a cheaper fabric that won’t breathe or wick away moisture.

5. Don’t be fooled with hat designs with cheap fabrics that add a mesh panel or gusset for breathability.  The hat still doesn’t perform and the runner can feel overheated.

Seasonal Buying: Summer vs. Winter

1. Hot, humid and warm climates call for lightweight and breathable headwear.

2. Cool climates call for a lightweight, technical-wicking fabric beanie with ear coverage or a technical, moisture-wicking fleece fabric beanie. Since the athlete is generating body heat, the temperature will dictate the weight of the fleece.