Gifts For Runners Guaranteed to Fit

Runners are the hardest people to buy gifts for. But the runner in your life will love one of these editor-chosen gifts guaranteed to fit.

Runners are picky. Anything they wear has to fit perfectly, move like they do, match their unique stride as well as their style, and hold up over long hard miles. You know they love shoes, and shorts, and their GPS watch, and that jacket that is just the right weight. But you also know you can’t choose any of those things they love for them—not even a replacement for that ratty tech tee from a race 8 years ago that they wear first out of the laundry.

What then to get for the runner in your life? We’re here to help, with these (mostly) inexpensive gifts that will fit any runner. Each of these items comes editor-recommended: We’ve run with them, recovered with them, read them—and enjoyed each of them. We keep using them for their effectiveness and convenience and believe you’ll appreciate them too.

From recovery tools to creative accessories, these gifts won’t end up on the back shelf of the closet.