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Detailed data and analysis takes the guesswork out of recovery, helping you get the most out of both training and sleep.

Whoop Fitness Membership, $180-$288

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We all know that training adaptations occur not while we’re running but during recovery—making our rest time more important than our workouts. But workouts are a lot easier to measure and track, while recovery has always been subjective—until now. The Whoop strap and analytic system track key heart and sleep metrics 24/7 to provide you with a detailed picture of how much strain you are taking on each day and how well you are recovering. The high sampling rate ensures a greater accuracy than most fitness trackers, and the system personalizes its reports to your calculated baselines, providing clear and useful real-time and summary data, plus recommendations for workout intensity and sleep needed. We’ve been fascinated by the data since we strapped it on our wrists, and impressed with the recovery insights which seems to accurately reflect our perception—even accounting for emotional stress and oncoming illness before we’re fully aware of their effect.