Gifts for Runners Guaranteed to Fit: Wave Tool

A small, handy tool that combines multiple treatment and massage surfaces for working out tight spots and releasing adhesions.

The Wave Tool, $49.99

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The Wave Tool, designed by physical therapists and mountain guides, is an extension of your hands for breaking up and releasing restrictions and adhesions in your soft tissue, including fascia, tendons, muscles and skin. The multiple working surfaces include blade-like (IASTM) edges that “cut through” poor-quality tissues while preserving healthy underlying fibers, plus a thumb-like protrusion for massaging deeper and a smooth flat surface for roller-type gliding. Deceptively simple, we found ourselves reaching for the tool whenever we felt a tight spot that didn’t respond to rest and stretching, as well as for regular treatment of tendon issues and quick relief of post-workout pain and stiffness.