Gifts for Runners Guaranteed to Fit: SmartWool Gloves

The lightweight, mostly merino wool running gloves are thin, flexible, soft on the skin and instantly warm—but never sweaty.

SmartWool Merino 150 Glove, $30.00

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Finding the right gloves for winter running is tricky: They have to be thin, light, breathable, and warm—but not hot, which can be worse than cold. While every runner has a somewhat different preference, these SmartWool gloves hit the sweet spot for us during 3 seasons, whenever temps drop below 50 down to fleece-required freezing. And when it does gets really cold, these make a perfect insulating base layer. Made of 87% merino fiber, they’re soft and smooth on the skin, comfortably flexible and stretchy, and instantly warm but never sweaty. The thumb and index finger have a touch-screen compatible texture, and they’re machine washable with your other running clothes.