Gifts for Runners Guaranteed to Fit: Running Books

Three books that will help you run faster, easier, more efficiently and more durably—plus inform and entertain you.

Running Rewired $24.95, Fast 5K $19.95, Kicksology $18.95

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What runner doesn’t want to learn how to run faster, stronger, easier, more efficiently? Or geek out on the runner’s favorite gear: shoes. These three books from our parent company’s press will entertain and inform, and fit every runner.

Running Rewired is the runner’s guide to better form through improved movement and control. Jay Dicharry, endurance sports physical therapist, explains how blocks in our movement patterns lead to most of our running problems, then quickly gets practical with multiple drills and exercises to remove these blocks, rewire effective movement pathways and build specific strengths for improved performance.

In Fast 5K, PodiumRunner columnist and masters record-holder Pete Magill details 25 keys to running your best 3.1 miler, from training priorities to lifestyle, diet and gear suggestions, to race-day strategies. It’s a quick, enjoyable and insightful read that will leave you primed with lots of practical advice to blaze a new PR.

Kicksology is a personal tour of running shoe history, design, and business that only shoe geek and long-time running author and editor Brian Metzler could write. Metzler has the uncanny ability to be near the center of every new running trend and takes the reader on an informative and entertaining journey through the many interesting characters, stories and ideas that make running shoes  and the shoe industry fascinating.