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Runners have a lot of reasons to carry their phone, but often not a lot of comfortable, convenient and safe ways to do so. One of the best ways we’ve found is the RooSport—a pocket that slips inside the belt of your shorts and is held in place with a magnet in the flap that goes over the waistband. The pocket stays close to your torso, making the bounce minimal, and you don’t have any annoying straps around the waist or arm that never seem the right tension. Access to the phone is quick and easy, as is returning your phone to the pouch, where it sits securely and disappears on the run. The RooSport also has two small zippered pockets for cash or keys. We’ve used the pouch for years—they’re durable too—as coaches and parents who had to always have a phone handy, and as runners who just wanted it along to take quick photos or use running apps.