Gifts for Runners Guaranteed to Fit: MOBO Board

The MOBO builds foot control and stability in the same range of motion as running and trains you to use your big toe and activate your arch.

MOBO board, $84.95

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Designed by Jay Dicharry, one of the world’s leading physical therapists and biomechanical analysts, the MOBO board builds foot control and stability in a unique, sport-specific way. The MOBO lets you do a wide variety of exercises that improve coordination of your foot and integrate that foot control up the kinetic chain to the whole body. The MOBO is unstable—mimicking the dynamic realities of running—but rocks only in the pronation/supination axis that your body naturally moves in, training your foot in the same range of motion it will use on the run. It also has a firm top surface to provide the proprioceptive feedback your foot needs, and a strategic hole that isolates your big toe, teaching you to activate it and find stability through your arch. We found it easier to use than it looks, and are impressed with the quick improvement in stability and foot strength, even when coming back from injury.