Gifts for Runners Guaranteed to Fit: Caterpy Laces

Stretchy, bumpy running shoe laces provide a custom fit and hold for your foot—that stays consistent every time you put on the shoes.

Caterpy Laces, $9.95

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These stretchy laces use rubber nodules to control how they slide through a shoe’s eyelets, allowing for variable tension on each crossing—as well as a consistent, slip-on fit. The variability and stretch customizes a shoe’s fit to the runner’s foot more than traditional laces, helping to reduce any hot spots as well as secure the foot to the sole securely from heel to toe. We found replacing OE laces with Caterpy laces made some finicky-fitting shoes far more comfortable for the PodiumRunner staff, who also have enjoyed the no-tie convenience of the Caterpy-adapted shoes. If your runner doesn’t like them for their running shoes, they’ll brighten and add comfort to casual sneakers as well.

Caterpy laces
photo: 101 Degrees West