Gifts for Runners Guaranteed to Fit: CamelBack Handheld Bottle

A daily-use hand-held water bottle and strap with nice added touches of insulation and a zippered pocket.

CamelBack Quick Grip Chill Handheld Bottle 17oz, $28.00

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Runners tend to be picky about their preferred method for carrying fluids—especially when going ultra long—but it is hard to go wrong with a simple hand-held bottle that they’ll use often for daily jaunts. This one from CamelBack is a great size with enough volume (500ml) for most moderately-long runs, but not so big it weighs you down. The bottle is insulated—a nice touch on hot or extremely cold days—and the strap holds it to your hand without having to constantly grip it. Plus, it has a zippered pocket to hold phone, keys, cash or card, and an advanced jet valve that you can lock off to ensure you don’t accidentally spray yourself or your running partner.