Appalachian Gear Co. All-Paca™ Beanie, $32.00

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Every runner has somewhat different preferences when it comes to a cold-weather hat (so we’re pushing it to recommend one in this “guaranteed to fit” guide). But we’re betting your runner will often reach for this versatile beanie on days ranging from “fresh” to frozen eye-lashes. Unlike some “wool” products that actually have a small percentage of natural fibers, the All-Paca™ is, indeed, 100% Alpaca—yet it is soft, stretchy and breathable due to the Appalachian Gear Company’s unique weft-knitting process. The beanie is exceptionally light and breathable, retaining warmth but not building up sticky heat. We found that the alpaca wool resists odors and dries quicker than synthetics—so it’s ready to go again whenever we are, even on winter days when we sneak in both a morning and noon run.