9 Runners Share Their All-Time Favorite Pair Of Running Shoes

We asked our readers to divulge their all-time favorite running shoes and you delivered in a big way. Here's what you had to say.

We asked and you responded…What is your favorite pair of running shoes ever?

“Altra Torins for women because I like a shoe that protects yet lets me feel the ground. No plantar issues either. Great toe-box for my wide feet. I usually wear men’s.” —Amy K.

“New Balance 5000 racing shoes. You feel like you are flying in them.” —Camelia M.

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“Hoka One One Challenger 3 for trail and road usage. Plus, they fit my feet perfectly and have great traction on sketchy conditions.” —Dave M.

“Nike Air Waffle Trainers, circa 1980, 1981. As a kid, I never had name-brand sneakers. When I joined cross country going into 10th grade, we got a free pair. They were blue with the yellow swoosh. They were great and I was so excited to have a pair. I wore them out!” —Mary Beth G.

“I have run in Adidas Supernovas for over 15 years. Adidas changed up the fit about five years ago and I stopped wearing them as much until they switched to the Boost soles. Now I won’t run in anything but Adidas Supernova Boosts.” —David Z.

“Favorite ever? ASICS Gel-Blur 2.0. Made as if they were made just for me, perfect ride.” —Chris T.

“All of my PRs have been run in the On Cloudsurfer model.” —Justin A.

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“Saucony Hurricane 17s. They were purple. They are retired now, but instead of throwing them out, I have kept them as a reminder. They were the shoes I put on when I ran my very first time after cancer surgery. I was so unsure of myself and my abilities after being sidelined. Those shoes got me through the slowest 3K I have ever done. But it was the best run of my life. I’ll never forget being grateful for the power of movement.” —Gail P.

“Newton, Newton, Newton! Comfortable right out of the box whether I’m on the road or on the trails. Got them for my first Ironman and haven’t looked back!” —Julie H.