Take It To The Trails With These Technical Running Socks

Not a fan of dark socks? They're likely to get that way regardless.

Not a fan of dark socks? They’re likely to get that way regardless.

Trail runners have been known to differentiate themselves from their road-running equivalents based on choice of footwear. The most obvious distinction sits with their selection of socks: roadies are the white sock wearers while those who tread off the beaten path opt for color or dark hues because their socks are likely to get that way regardless, thanks to the mud, dust and dirt–even if they started out white. Trail runners also tend to adopt merino wool and more durable, abrasion-resistant higher socks than road runners, given the punishing terrain and detritus that they kick up while going off road.

The selection of trail socks here includes thinner and thicker options—a personal preference. They come in wool, Coolmax, and combinations of other types of materials. Some of the socks feature cushioning properties woven into various zones or throughout the entire sock while others are uni-thickness and allow you more feel for the trail. There are also a variety of different sock heights, so you can choose among them based on your favorite attributes in sockwear.