A New Way for Runners to Wear a Watch?

If the watch were invented today, where would we wear it?

This piece first appeared on Women’s Running.

The wristwatch was developed in the late 1500s and though there are many options on the market—including those specifically for sport—the core design hasn’t ever changed.

The use of the watch, however, has changed greatly.

Now you use your watch to track steps, send text messages, track runs, control your music and more. When running, having to keep turning your wrist can get you out of your groove and mess with proper running mechanics.

EdgeGear co-founders, Andrew Green and James Gilmore, asked if the watch were invented today, where would the ideal location be? Their answer was SHIFT, the first watchband of its kind that shifts the placement of the smartwatch to a different part of your arm, making it easier to see when you are in action. It moves your watch to the space under your thumb and above your wrist, so that you no longer have to turn your arm to view your stats.

The SHIFT watchband is compatible with many fitness and smartwatches, including Apple, Pebble, Garmin and more. This new placement creates a better viewing angle so you can quickly monitor and interact with information in a safer and easier way on the run.

You can back this watchband on Kickstarter—or can be preordered at