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5 Unique Inventions Geared Toward Runners

Innovation continues to expand the market for running gear.

Ranging from the bizarre to the brilliant, these new inventions could be useful on your future runs. 

1. Night Runner Shoe Lights

Why wear a headlamp when you can light up the road with your feet! Night Runner features two rechargeable LED lights that clip onto the shoelaces. With 270 degrees of visibility, including two red taillights facing behind, and 30 meters of beam distance, you’ll be able to see the path directly in front of your feet. No more stepping on dog poop your headlamp may have missed.


2. Volvo LifePaint

Although advertised for cyclists in the United Kingdom, Volvo’s LifePaint could be essential for runners too. The Swedish car manufacturer created a reflective, supposedly non-toxic, washable paint that can be sprayed on bicycles, shoes, clothing, backpacks, etc. In daylight the paint is invisible, but at night in front of a car’s headlight, you’ll shine silver like the Tin Man. According to Road ID, a company that makes identification bracelets and shoe tags for runners, 122,000 runners and pedestrians every year are injured by cars. Wear this life-saving paint paired with every reflective gear you own and you’ll be spotted by cars a mile away.


3. LifeStraw

This simple water filtration device is a survival, backcountry necessity for trail runners and ultrarunners who could end up in dire situations. LifeStraw uses advanced hollow fiber technology to filter out bacteria from any source of water, even a puddle, and transform it into safe drinking water within seconds. Simply stick it in a river or stagnant stream and drink through the straw. It could even be a lightweight alternative to a hydration pack if you’re running near water. Plus, every LifeStraw purchase goes toward funding LifeStraw product distribution to schools in developing countries with a lack of access to clean water.

4. Snapbuds

For those who prefer running with music, you’ll understand the frustration that is felt when your earbuds become tangled before or during a run (or get caught in your arm swing mid-run). It’s a miniscule issue, but sometimes it can really throw off your groove. Snapbuds use tiny magnets that clip onto your earbuds and prevent them from ever being tangled again. The magnets are so strong they’ll even hold your phone up on any magnetic surface while you stretch.

5. Roll Recovery R8

Massage rollers are no new invention, but the Roll Recovery R8 has a unique design that makes it easy to use, versatile in accessing hard to reach muscles and portable. It adjusts to different leg sizes and targets the quads, hamstrings, gluteus, calfs and hip flexors.