5 Inventions Runners Desperately Need

In a perfect world, all of these amazing inventions would exist.

What runner hasn’t daydreamed about a world in which temperature would be of no concern to training plans. If only we lived in a land with these magical luxuries. Here are five amazing ideas that need to be invented just for runners.

Temperature-controlled attire

Imagine setting the ideal temperature on your gloves, long-sleeve technical top, leggings and socks. All fully adjustable of course, so you can perfect your temperature as you warm up or cool down.  Also comes in air-conditioned models for summer.

Roadside Service

Need to change your shirt? Shed your gloves? Forgot to pack an extra Gu or need additional hydration? A support van is at your beck and call, following alongside and granting your every wish, without you even needing to break stride. Simply call in your route ahead of time and send a text message mid-run to place your order. Alcoholic beverages optional with proper ID.

Watch-free GPS

No more waiting around in the cold to catch a signal. You can now have a microchip tucked into your clothing or shoe that will feed you real-time information through an ear pod. It never needs to be charged, will automatically download to your laptop and will post to all pertinent social media using the appropriate hashtags. #Technologyproblemssolved

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Live Treadmill Entertainment

Sometimes it’s just too dangerous to brave the elements outside and there’s no alternative but the ol’ treadmill. The ultimate cure for ‘mill boredom would be live entertainment, preferably a great rock concert or maybe even some stand-up comedy. If I could run during a live Imagine Dragons concert or up my mood along with my endorphins while laughing at Chelsea Handler, I’m pretty sure the miles would fly by.

Ready-Made Meals

Imagine not having to put any thought into your post-run nutrition. You could simply order a gourmet meal based on your mileage for the day with the perfect ratio of carbs, fats and protein. It would be waiting for you upon your sweaty return in all its mouth-watering, good-for-you, nutritional glory. The only payment would be a donation of your old running gear. Runners are nothing if not charitable, right?

Of course, runners pride themselves on being a hardy bunch and braving the elements, all in the name of relentless forward progress. But still, a little pampering never jeopardized a PR.

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