3 Apps Helping Runners Stay Connected And Inspired

These three apps are making it easy for runners to keep up with each others' progress, find new running spots and even have GIF wars.

Staying current with fellow runners has never been easier. Whether you are looking for a new running crew or already have a steady group, these three apps can help you fi nd workouts, training partners and trails both close to home and when you’re on the road.

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This social network for athletes has recently rolled out new features to help users find others and stay connected. Runners in search of some company can easily locate a group in their area through the app’s club search. Those clubs can post announcements, share routes, create events and send out other content to their members’ Strava feed. And if you run by someone who looks like a potential new training partner, you can always try to find out who they are by using the service’s Flyby feature.
Free, iPhone and Android; premium membership is $8/month or $60/year.


If your running group is tired of meeting at the same places, it is time to try this app to search by location for new-to-you trails. Each trail has a detailed map, difficulty ranking, directions to the trailhead, photos and reviews by fellow users. You can share the map with your running group via text, email or Instagram. You can also follow other AllTrails users to view their favorites and see where they’ve recently run. Like most apps, expect updates, rollouts and additional features in the coming months to increase usability.
Free, iPhone and Android; pro membership is $30/year.

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Instead of resorting to endless text messages or countless email chains to make plans, many runners are turning to Slack. The messaging app has been mostly used to easily communicate in work environments. But some runners have created private channels to keep in touch with a running group. Share the details of your next run, drop in a link to a race or discuss that last workout—all in a place that is invite-only. And let’s face it, Giphy wars are the best!
Free, iPhone and Android.