Source:  Running USA News

Sport Science™ is substantially reducing their carbon footprint.  By recently reconfiguring their production process, Sport Science™ shirts are now made with yarn that is spun, fabric that is knit, then dyed, cut, sewn, and shipped within about a 125-mile circle of one another. Along with a Made in USA label and still the same low price point, Sport Science™ is catching a lot of attention. “The ‘green washing’ effect has many consumers confused and feeling lost in what’s what,” says Brady Hanson, Marketing Manager for the company.  “Yes, there is a lot of new ‘green’ science out there, but we needed to take a close look at the facts and pursue a proven method.  This in turn becomes the true science behind making a difference in our environment.  In doing so, Sport Science™ customers can now rest assured their shirts are not well traveled…after all, once you put on your shirt, that’s your job!”

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