10 Reasons To Shop At Running Specialty Stores

Here are 10 reasons to shop at specialty running stores.

Running specialty shops have been the heart and soul of the running industry since the 1970s.

There are many places to buy running shoes nowadays—at a big sporting goods retailer, at a mall chain store, online, at a discount website or at a running specialty store. The roughly 900 running specialty shops around the U.S. have been the lifeblood of the running industry and the sport for more than 35 years, providing a sense of community and spreading the knowledge and passion to all levels of runners. Yes, many have had a runner-geek quirkiness to them, but that’s the culture of running that has thrived for decades. In this gallery of photos from some of the country’s best shops, we offer a glimpse at what they provide and a few reasons you should consider shopping there for your running and fitness needs.

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