Like most people, nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner isn’t a vegetarian. But she knows that eating more plants is the best way for her clients to achieve a healthier diet and lose weight.

Her new book, The Flexitarian Diet, offers ideas to help people get more fruits, vegetables into their diets without swearing off meat completely. The nice thing about Jackson Blatner’s book is doesn’t offer a traditional diet. As she writes, “There are no rules or restrictions. Just eat more plants during your regular meals—and try to do the best that you can.”

To help you succeed, she offers countless suggestions to help you get the two and a half cups of recommended vegetables a day into your diet. Serious dieters can follow her plans to the letter with recipes, shopping lists and tips to reshape their diet. But for most people just looking to improve their diet, the book offers lots of easy suggestions for a healthy—and tasty—way to learn to love more vegetables. $25, McGraw Hill,