Use these suggestions to be seen when the sun goes down!

With hectic schedules and longer nights, most of us find the only time to run is either in the darkness of early mornings or evenings. But now that summer is over and Daylight Savings Time has ended, it’s time to trade in your singlets and shorts for something warmer and more reflective when heading out for a dark run. Here’s our roundup of nighttime running essentials and our picks for some of the best gear to be seen in when running in the dark.

1. Reflective Clothing

Wear white or bright colors that will make it easy for motorists to see you at night. High-visibility fabrics provide great visibility and are usually breathable and water- and wind-resistant.

New Balance 360 Degree Pant, $80--These pants are all about maximum visibility. New Balance worked with 3M to use the 3M Scotchlite reflective taping along the sides of the pants.

2. ID Tags

Always have identification on you. When you can’t put your driver’s license in your pocket, wear an ID tag around your neck, wrist or even on your shoes.

3. Lights

Paired with other reflective gear, headlamps, knuckle lights or flashlights increase your visibility among cars and help you see the ground in front of you so you don’t fall or trip.

4. Reflective Accessories

As it gets cooler, accessories like a running cap or gloves will keep you warm while still providing added reflective elements.

5. Fitness Armband

Take your cell phone with you on your runs. While the simplest option is to just hold it in your hands, it can be a burden when you’re doing speed work or drills.  A lightweight armband is helpful to store your devices.