A total of 455 runners have qualified for the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon on Feb. 13 in Los Angeles. How many end up racing remains to be seen.

The final list, compiled by USATF, is broken down by how the runner qualified and if the “A” or “B” standard was met. For men, the “A” standard was a 2:15:00 marathon or faster, and the “B” standard was a marathon between 2:15:01 and 2:19:00 or a half marathon at 1:05:00 or faster. For women, the “A” standard was a 2:37:00 or faster marathon with the “B” standard between 2:37:01 and 2:45:00 or a half marathon at 1:15:00 or faster.

In all, 244 women and 211 men qualified. The men saw much more success qualifying via the half marathon, with 125 men getting in that way (59 percent) compared to just 48 women (20 percent). Just 86 men qualified through their marathon time, compared to 196 women.

A total of 27 men and 41 women obtained the “A” standard. Runners who meet the “A” standard get financial support from USATF to help with travel to the race.

The final tally means that about 20 runners secured their invitation on the last weekend to qualify, with races like Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona and the Houston Marathon and Half giving runners one last chance. The Naples Daily News Half Marathon was set up to provide a last-minute ticket, as well, but a nasty storm forced the race to be canceled.

Runners have until Jan. 31 to register for the Olympic Trials marathon. Race officials reported last week that 353 runners have signed up so far.