Zazzle Saves The Bay To Breakers Race

A local company stepped up to help the famous race.

A local company stepped up to help the famous race.

Until recently, the future of one of the oldest road races in the United States, the Bay to Breakers 12K in San Francisco, was in serious jeopardy. As the race, scheduled for May 15, was heading into its 100th anniversary, there was doubt as to whether not any major sponsor would back it.

Thanks to tee shirt company Zazzle, this is no longer the case. Zazzle, based in Redwood City, California, maintains a Web site that allows customers to design their own iPhone cases, shirts and postage stamps.

Zazzle co-founder and Chief Product Officer Jeff Beaver is pleased to put his company’s name behind the famous race. “When we heard this was an opportunity, we didn’t even hesitate,” he said. Referring to the race’s tradition of free-spirted running, Beaver added: “As an event, it’s kind of the epitome of self-expression, and that’s what our web site is all about empowering.”

Details at to how much it costs Zazzle to have its name in the race’s title were not disclosed. Beaver said it was simply “significant — I can tell you that much.”

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