Sarah Sellers, Who?

If you’re like most people, as the announcer for the 2018 Boston Marathon read aloud Sarah Sellers’ name as the second place finisher, you probably thought, “who?” As the nation quickly began Googling away, the virtually-unknown 26-year-old solidified her name in history by placing in one of the most prestigious racing events in the world.

A former Weber State University long-distance runner Sarah Callister Sellers finished shortly after American Desiree Linden to secure second place with a time of 2:44.04 in the women’s division. The Boston Marathon was only her second 26.2 race, the first took place in Utah at the Huntsville Marathon.

In a post-race interview, the podium finisher exclaimed that she didn’t actually know that she got second place. And when she was told, she didn’t believe them. Originally, Sellers had only hoped to place in the top 15 to qualify for the Olympic trials. Watching her speak to the press, you could easily sense her genuine shock and amazement in what she had just accomplished.

As a full-time nurse, Sellers does most of her training before and after work around 4 a.m. and 7 p.m., respectively. In training for this marathon, she would log about 100 miles a week, and at times doing so with her husband by her side. Discussing her newly-won prize money ($75,000), the marathoner laughed and nervously exclaimed, “Yeah, I haven’t thought about that.”

So what’s next for her? At this point, she’s unsure stating, “I don’t know. I haven’t even thought beyond Boston.” Even if she’s unsure, we’re betting this won’t be the last we hear of Sarah Sellers. Chances are her phone will be buzzing more in the coming weeks with big sponsorship opportunities.