You know those PR moments in life? When hard work has paid off, you’ve become more than you dreamed you could be and nothing seems impossible? We’re here to help you achieve them.

PodiumRunner is an innovative new media brand for all runners dedicated to achieving their personal best. But we didn’t just spring out of nowhere; starting with Competitor Magazine, PR (see what we did there?) is backed by a 30-year history of serving committed runners through deep connections to the sport’s top experts and athletes. We’re all about deep-dives into fascinating topics and exclusive insights into how others are becoming their best. We don’t chase every trending fad: we gather tested, practical, and innovative advice that works—and we’ll be out there alongside you, trying every training method and testing every product before we recommend them.

Why are we so sold on running? For me, running has provided more of those PR moments than anything else since that first season I discovered it as a scrawny high school freshman. Running welcomed me as it welcomes all who are willing to dedicate themselves, accepting us wherever we are and rewarding us with growing speed, strength, confidence—and success. Through the years it has been an endless source of grand goals that lift me above daily concerns, as well as a peaceful refuge when life becomes overwhelming. Always it is a predictable joy, the best part of my day.

We celebrate running goals, knowing the journey to achieving them makes us all-around better people. Our goal is to empower you with the skills, knowledge, and fitness to find your podium—whether it’s tackling a new distance, setting a personal record, going head-to-head with your local rival, or winning the whole dang thing.

Ready for a breakthrough?

Step up.

Jonathan Beverly


Jonathan Beverly Editor PodiumRunnner
photo: @iam_the_flow