USATF Shooting For 30 Olympic Medals In London

The man who originally set the goal has since been fired.

Ex-CEO of the USATF, Doug Logan, had sought 30 medals for the 2012 Olympics. Photo: Oregon Live

The man who originally set the goal has since been fired.

Though the CEO who originally committed to the 30-medal goal at the 2012 Olympics in London is no longer in the job, the United States Track and Field association (USATF) still stands by it.

After the lackluster performance of the U.S. squad in the 2008 Olympics, then-CEO Doug Logan chaired a task force to understand why the United States could only muster a 23-medal count.

The panel went on to create a report called “Project 30”. Logan has since been fired from his position at the USATF. His replacement has yet to be named.

Stephanie Hightower, the current president, has said that the 30-medal goal still remains. “The way he went about putting out the goals was pretty unorthodox,” she divulged. “The reality is, he was new to the sport and people questioned whether he had the knowledge coming into the sport to make that kind of determination. Nonetheless, he did it. It’s done. And our high-performance plan is based upon getting 30 medals. We’re still moving down that path.”

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