True Inspiration From 91-Year-Old Runner

He started running for stress relief.

He started running for stress relief.

As far as deception and perseverance go, Mike Fremont has got both of them down. Fremont is 91 years old and, according to an article on the Indy Star website, was to run the Indianapolis Monumental (half) Marathon.

Fremont is from Cincinnati and holds the world record for his age group in both the half and the full marathon.

Despite the onset of the years, Fremont maintains that he won’t walk an inch during the race. Earlier this April, he finished the Knoxville Half Marathon in 3:03:56.

“It was a stress thing,” Fremont said of his running. “I would take one of the kids with me and they would hold onto my little finger while I ran.”

Fremont said he didn’t run to compete. “I didn’t know there were such things as races or care about them,” he admitted.

In his lifetime, Fremont has completed 42 marathons.

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