The Life Of A Kenyan Runner In Canada

It's hardly an easy one.

Kenyan runners have a tough life cut out for them in Canada. Photo: The Globe and Mail

It’s hardly an easy one.

A trio of Kenyans are the best distance runners currently living in Canada. However, their accommodations, a semi-detached house with yellow siding a few blocks from an industrial area in Hamilton, Canada, are anything but the best.

Their names are Bernard Onsare, Josephat Ongeri and David Karanja; they may come in first in races, but they still need day jobs.

They work in a pharmaceutical supply warehouse where they pack orders for hospitals. Whatever free time they have is spent training. Ongeri has to wake up at 4 a.m. in order to get a run in before his shift starts two hours later. The other two run later, because they have night shifts.

“In this country, the days are too short,” says Karanja. “We have so many things to do, so you’ve got to squeeze yourself no matter what. You have to have a strong mental attitude, otherwise there’s no way you can make it in this life.”

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