The Advantages Of Training With A Group

It helps to have other runners there to push you.

It helps to have other runners there to push you.

If you're a first-time half marathoner, training with a group might be a good idea. Photo: NOLA

Can’t stand running by yourself? Looking to experience the thrill of a pack?

Rivers Hughey, a writer for the Times-Picayune, recently cataloged her experiences training with a group. “A little under a year ago I started my running journey,” he writes. Hughey looked into working out with Varsity Sports’ half-marathon training group.

The company advertised that “You don’t even have to be able to run a mile!”

When Hughey showed, up she was late and accidentally started running with the advanced group. “I ended up running and walking (mostly walking) 4 miles with the advanced group,” she recalls. Hughey noted that the six weeks she spent preparing for the half marathon were grueling, but also enjoyable.

“I had new running partners in crime to commiserate with, which was nice because they were just as out of shape,” she writes. “As the miles accumulated, my self-doubt began to fade. Until one day, I ran a half marathon.”

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