Thanks To Running, Drew Carey “Aging In Reverse”

He's running his first half marathon next Sunday.

Drew Carey is 70 pounds lighter, thanks, in part to running. Photo: AP

He’s running his first half marathon next Sunday.

He was once know as a portly comedian behind black-rimmed glasses. Not so anymore for Drew Carey, the host of The Price Is Right. Mr. Carey has turned to running to shed pounds and is happy for it. Since he started a vigorous weight loss regimen, Carey has lost over 70 pounds. This upcoming weekend, he is going to run the Marine Corps Half Marathon in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He celebrates his 53rd birthday this month.

Carey says he selected the Marine Corps Half Marathon, because he was in the Marine Corps when he was in his 20s.

“When I was in the Marine Corps, I did a training run —14 miles — but that was when I was 24ish,” he recalls “I haven’t been running in all these years. I just started again with the weight loss. Last year, I was doing mostly the elliptical machine, but I wanted something more. I have to have a reason to work out — it’s wasn’t enough for me just to keep my weight down.”

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