Ten Things Marathon Organizers Won’t Tell You

More people are finishing marathons than ever before.

More people are finishing marathons than ever before.

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article listing ten things race directors avoid saying. At the top of the list was “Running marathons isn’t for superathletes.” According to Running USA, marathon participation is on the rise. Over the past five years, there has been an 18-percent increase in marathon finishes.

More and more people who have been undergoing the stress of the challenging economy have taken up running to relieve stress as well.

“To start from nothing and one day cross the finish line, you’ve really achieved something,” says Mindy Solkin, head coach of The Running Center, A New-York-based training facility.

Number two on the list was “Bigger isn’t always better.” With the sizes of races increasing exponentially, runners are now looking for smaller, more intimate races. Marathons like the Walt Disney World Marathon give runners custom bibs with their name on it. And at the Steamtown Marathon, participants are showered with pretzels and candy.

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