This Teen Ran A Speedy Half Marathon In Crocs

Find out why Benjamin Pachev's entire family runs in Crocs.

Benjamin Pachev, an 18-year-old runner from Utah, finished 16th at last Sunday’s 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in Indianapolis, running the half marathon in 1:11:53. What makes that finish notable is his choice of footwear. He ran the entire race, as well as all of this training, in Crocs.

His father, Alexander Pachev, also ran the half marathon, finishing in 1:16:07. Just like his son, he also wore Crocs.

In an era of customizable kicks and shoes designed to break world records, it is unusual to see such speedy runners wearing footwear not designed for running. However, for Benjamin and his father, their decision came down to cost.

Benjamin is one of 10 children in the Pachev family. Alexander told Fox59 that running shoes for his entire family would be too expensive, but he found Crocs to be affordable and durable for running. The family claims that the shoes can last for about 2,000 miles.

For now, it seems that Benjamin doesn’t mind the choice of footwear. He told Fox59 that running in Crocs was “…like having a little fan that’s just streaming air over your foot.”

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